Essential StaffCARE

  • was designed with unique product
  • and administrative features specifically
  • created for the Staffing and
  • Temporary Employment Industry.

"Everyone that uses the
program loves it,
and it has proven to be
a great selling tool."

- Tim, New York

Essential StaffCARE

  • is the largest provider of Health Insurance
  • and Benefits to the Staffing and
  • Temporary Employment Industry with over
  • 600, 000 temps enrolling each year.

"I mention Essential StaffCARE
20 times a day. It's my #1
marketing tool, and my
#2 recruiting tool"

- Rodger, California


Essential StaffCARE

  • includes the strongest networks
  • in the country, to ensure the
  • highest quality of service,
  • at the lowest negotiated cost.

"Essential StaffCARE has brought
in a great number of new clients –
It's GREAT! This program has
closed a lot of deals for us"

- Tom, Texas

Essential StaffCARE

  • helps you retain your clients,
  • lower your employee
  • on-boarding costs,
  • and increase your profits.

"We won a million dollar
new client at a high billable rate,
and our offering Essential StaffCARE
was the deciding factor"

- Jim, Florida

Greenville, SC

Jacksonville, FL

Charlotte, NC

Dallas, TX

Chattanooga, TN

Los Angeles, CA


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