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Many prospective staffing clients require a quality health insurance program as part of their request for a proposal.

ESC is the largest provider of health insurance and benefits to the staffing industry.

Reduce your Hiring Costs

Lower turnover means fewer background checks, drug tests, professional skill assessments, etc.

Reducing on-boarding expenses increases overall profits.

Increase Client Retention

Employees enrolled in Essential StaffCARE stay with the temp agency 57% longer.** Lower temp turnover increases client satisfaction.

Satisfied clients are less likely to switch staffing firms.

  • Essential StaffCARE (ESC) is the largest provider of health insurance and benefits to the Staffing and Temporary employment industry.
  • ESC is a voluntary, employee paid, payroll deducted, health insurance program that provides basic and needed access to quality healthcare services without a deductible or co-insurance.
  • There are no waiting periods for health coverage, no minimum participation, no health questions, no pre-existing condition limitations.
  • Optional benefits include: Dental, Vision, Disability, Term Life and Critical Illness Insurance.
  • ESC includes the strongest networks in the country to ensure the highest quality of service at the lowest negotiated cost.
  • Rates start at less than $16.00 per week and plans are available for Employees, Employee plus children, Employee plus spouse and complete Family coverage. Plans to be customized to meet your specific needs.

With increasing deductibles and costs for major medical insurance, (it is estimated the lowest cost State Exchange plans will have a $6,000 individual deductible and $12,000 family deductibles) while 85% incur less than $5,000 of medical expenses per year. ESC provides employees an affordable and usable health plan option that covers nearly 90% of the average hourly employees healthcare needs.

**An analysis of Essential StaffCARE's 1,000+ staffing clients representing over 1.5 million eligible temporary employees and over 600,000 annual enrollments.

What Makes ESC Different?

Health Insurance is our core competency, the ESC limited benefit program is underwritten by BCS Insurance Company, Oakbrook Terrace, IL and is serviced by employees who understand health insurance products and interacting with medical providers. The New Generation of ESC products were designed based on actual claims and utilization experience from extensive analysis of over 50,000 actual claims from temporary associates. Other programs that are underwritten and administered by life insurance companies do not share the same level of health insurance expertise and core competency. Specific to the Staffing Industry ESC was designed with unique administrative processes and product features exclusively designed for the staffing industry. Life insurance companies that market limited benefit health plans to staffing companies typically offer "off the shelf” plans that were designed and priced for any type of industry. These plans have been available for decades and are not specific to the staffing industry.

Increased Participation - The true test of a successful voluntary employee benefit is the number of associates that are actually enrolled in the program. ESC takes the employee benefit enrollment process very seriously. Nationally, ESC averages between 30% to 40% participation on a voluntary basis with no employer contribution. Other enrollment processes, including call center enrollments, result in less than 7% employee participation*. 

Better Retention - On average hourly wage employees that enroll in ESC stay with their employer 57% longer than employees that do not enroll. Improving employee retention along with high participation, can have a positive impact on a staffing company’s bottom line. 

*Benefits Pro Magazine

Client Service

  • Over 170 employees are dedicated to the administration and service of the ESC plan.
  • The average tenure of an Essential StaffCARE customer service team member is
    8.5 years with 28 customer service representatives having over 15 years experience with the team.
  • Planned Administrators, Incorporated (PAI) is SAS-70 certified: an extensive independent audit of PAI demonstrating their highest level of data security and financial accountability.
  • This demonstrates commitment, knowledge, and stability of the service team supporting our staffing clients.


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